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  1. Hi Hind,

    I like your blog a lot

    I need a favor from you and would be great if you can assist.

    I'm planing for a journey through the 22 arab countries, check out my blog http://www.raghdayusuf.com/about-me/

    And for this am working on a global teaser video

    so my idea is to ask ladies from the different arab countries to shoot themselves saying one of her characteristic

    something like " i'm strong, I'm ambitious, I'm smart, I'm wild....etc"
    Then another one with the nationality "I'm Egyptian, I'm Sudanese, I'm Tunisian....etc"

    I will put them together in a one or two minutes video

    What do you think? Can you assist with this!

    Can you do this for me!

    Please let me know.

    Thanks a million


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