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Rum Tasting In Trois Rivieres Distillery

Rum from Martinique—it’s spelled rhum in French—is different than most others. While most rum is made from molasses, in Martinique fresh-pressed sugarcane carries traces of time and place.

Nestled in the south of the island, this distillery welcomes visitors to discover of the production of their rum (white and aged rums vintage) marketed since 1976.

Around 1660, Nicolas Fouquet, superintendent of finances of Louis XIV, dreamed of founding, with the complicity of Lieutenant Isaac Feuquieres a viceroyalty in the Caribbean. Then he won the largest concession ever awarded in the Caribbean: about 2000 hectares between the Diamond and St. Luce.

He built a real castle which was never inhabited. Indeed, when came the disgrace of Fouquet, all residential buildings were destroyed. In 1770, the property with three sugar mills had changed owners several times. One of them now in ruins, remains active until 1867.
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