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Chocolate Puffed Rice Bars

This holiday I tried to make something new as an a add up to the usual things I bake each year. I am not a big fan of flour based recipes so this puffed rice alternative seemed very delicious to me. I tried it and I loved it. I even made two types, one with dark and one with light chocolate. Recipe is below: 


Toasted puffed rice (about 5 dl )
200 grams of chocolate
1 tbsp cooking oil or canola oil

*You also need baking paper


Melt chocolate and oil in a water bath.
Stir the melted chocolate so that no hard bits remain.
Pour in rice, a little at a time until all the chocolate is mixed in with the rice. 

Around 4 or 5 deciliter usually enough to 200 grams of chocolate, but it is also a matter of taste, depending on how much chocolate versus rice preference.

Pour into baking paper either nationwide or click. You can also pour it into molds.
Allow to set in the refrigerator. Cut or break into pieces.

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