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October Trip To Rome

We are back home after a wonderful week in Rome. It has been a different sense this time visiting Rome in October and walk among its narrow romantic streets while it lightly rained. We were lucky with the weather actually, it only rained for few about 15 -20 during two days of our stay and the temperature was great during the day and evenings between 21 - 18 c. We even got some sunny clear sky days.  

We stayed at Hilton hotel which was a perfect family friendly place. They had a free bus to the city center so I didn't have to struggle at all with the baby. We have been eating in our favorite local restaurant Carlo Menta. It became our Rome tradition to dine there and enjoy their food eating like Italians. 

Ive been lucky to get to spend good quality time with an old friend who lives there and recall our home town memories, speak our language and share culture differences between being an outsider in Sweden / Rome. We even went to a Libyan restaurant called Cous Cous to make the reunion even more perfect and ate our home food. 

Rome siteseeing with an Italian speaking friend who lived there for years was totally different. I got lots of information and tips on how to enjoy this spectacular city in Italy. Here are some  recommendations: 

Caffe Tazza d'Oro - Via degli Orfani, 84 (Pantheon) 
A super-famous, bustling café that's been around since 1946. At this point, we'd had so many espressos across the city that we decided to switch it up and order marrocchinos, espressos with foamed milk and a dash of cocoa.

Carlo Menta Talevi Luigi e Luciano - Via della Lungaretta 101, 00153

Great pizza and pasta, service and atmosphere at a very reasonable good price comparing to all other places in Rome. 

Gelateria La Romana - Via Venti Settembre, 60

Google it and the reviews will speak for themselves. The best spot in Rome for ice cream lovers. Don't miss it if you are on a romantic trip :-) 

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  1. Beautiful photos and such a nice fall outfit! I like the recommendations at the end, always good to get some insider tips. :)


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