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Elevate Your Bedroom: Sleep in good quality and style

Hello lovelies! I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend.

This weekend I've been thinking about having a bedroom make over and change our bedroom to a more organic, simple and natural bedding style. As you all know from my previous articles, I am so in love with the basic colors, natural elements and texture. I personally find that this style richen the home space and gives a sense of comfort and joy.

Elevating the bedroom style and quality will also guarantee us a better sleep and comfort. Having a good night sleep effects everyday of our lives and how we perform in our daily routine and duties. 

I would like to share with you my inspiration "finds", and the tips that I think would make a perfect bedding style and content:

- The Quality: First selecting a good quality and reasonable price band is very important. Ive found what I am looking for at Parachutehome. Is a brand based in Venice Beach California that insures a good quality and great sleep experience to its buyers. One of its advantages that It gives the chance to its costumers to feel the Parachute difference (Wanna feel it too?). Their percale linens incredibly soft and lightweight as they are produced from plain weave cotton, constructed by weaving one thread over, than one thread under. 

-The colors: Go for colors that gives a sense of calmness and peace. Most of the colors inspired by nature do. In Parachute I found a good collection of basic colors to choose from, that are soft and natural. Their bedding style is timeless and can fit to modern and classic furniture design. 

-Less is more: So I am planing to reduce the amount of objects in the bedroom and keep only the main furnitures, to give the space a modern look just like the photos above. 

-Simplify: Rather than adding more details to make things look stylish, it's better to let the natural colors, elements and texture do the job. Whether it's wood, plants, linen and burlap fabric etc.. now days style is more about keeping things simple.  

-Match and mingle: Below are my picks for the bedroom makeover "project". I've chosen these items because they match with our bedroom light grey wall behind the bed and the rest of the walls that are are in white. The bed head is made from natural brown wood so adding a creamy / ivory bed cover will differently fit. 

I hope you enjoyed the inspiration and can make use of these tips to restyle and make over your bedroom. Links are below to read more about my home decor finds. 

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