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Simple Halloumi Cheese Salad

Halloumi Cheese Salad 

There isn't one method of making the halloumi cheese salad! as long as you grill the halloumi and add it on top of your favorite salad ingredients. Here is what I have made myself: 


- Mixed salad 
- Cucumber ( Sliced )
- Fresh Broccoli ( Parted to small pieces )
- Avocado ( Cut to cubes ) 
- Radish ( Sliced )
- Red beans ( Precooked )
- Halloumi cheese ( Grilled on fry pan or the grill )


- A squeeze of lemon
- tbsp olive oil 
Note! I don't  use salt as the cheese already taste very salty. 


Mix all ingredients, add dressing and finally add the cheese on top. As simple as that! 

Photos taken by me

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