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DIY: 5 Luxury Home Decor Ideas IV

Hello DIY projects lovers!!! here is the 4th post of the DIY luxury home decor series. Again its easy and fun and of course it's useful to make things over the weekend or free time. So pin your favorite and share it if you like it  :-) 

 Copper Glass

Gather up the following: a simple glass, copper laque, tape, scissors, a small plastic bag, and paper to spray on.
Cut the plastic bag into a piece that fits around the glass. Stick it around the glass with the tape; to get the same slanted effect shown, attach the plastic bag so it’s lower on one side. Arrange tape in a random diagonal pattern on the lower part of the glass. Spray the glass with copper laque, allow to dry, then remove the plastic bag and tape. Ready to go!

Mid Century Modern Star Burst Mirror

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