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Comfort Food: 5 Delicious Soup Recipes

Hellooo Nature Whisper readers. If you are looking for comfort food for winter season and to have a break from the usual meals of the holidays. These recipes are just for you! A creamy, juicy and yummy bowl of delicious flavors is all you need, so treat the family with a comfy cozy night.

Vegan Mushroom Soup 

The consistency of this mushroom soup reminds me of the Campell Creamed Mushroom soup, however, it is made from scratch, only with healthy ingredients and it is vegan. And delicious.

Potato Soup

Soup with soy milk and stretched Bejiburosu potatoes that you mash. Accented with black pepper and rosemary. It delicious cold or warm. Recommended to put a baguette, to eat by immersion in lapping. Potatoes, Bejiburosu, soy milk, salt, black pepper, rosemary, olive oil.

Chicken bacon & wild rice soup

This is one of the most soups that are kinda weather meal. Gives comfort and warmth in fall and winter. 

A classic version of a popular Thai soup by adding rice to make it more substantial. Serve it with lime wedges; a squirt at the table does wonders.

Creamy potato soup served with fried mushrooms in butter.

More Comfort Food:

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