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Decorating Our New Home

Hello readers :-) Far from  the usual art, food, housekeeping tips and giveaways, today I would like to take you little bit in my personal life and what I am up to these days. 

Inspired by the series posts My Home My space of MadeBYGirl a friend blogger whom I been inspired by during my whole blogging journey. I just gathered interior design list of how our new home should look like. Its important to make a list to keep track of how things would look like eventually. Because when you go out shopping for houseware / decor you find many nice things out their in shops who are doing their best to sell their products and display them in a charming way and in a tempting price, but the thing is! would these things match with other furnitures in the house and the space you have, would they fit the final image of the house you planed for! 

This is actually  what make most people make design mistakes while shopping for their homes. And end up with a big mess of un-matched things all over the house. Beacause what you like in a shop is completely different to what suites your space and that what makes people hire a designer when they can afford it.  Did you ever wonder when you open a home decor magazine, why these interiors are always so gorgeous? and it's rarely seen in real homes. Becuase the magazine designers work in a way that things should be put together just like a puzzle game, a painting or a photograph that every shade and corner is counted. 

As a person with artistic vision, I care a lot about how things appear in general, and all together, not just how one sofa, or one lamp look like. I am also sensitive to colors and visual things. For that reason I love to organize spaces in a certain way that everything is fresh, clean and in harmony with the other item next to it. Just like a painting. So here is a little peek at my list: 

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