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DIY: Fall Decor

Hello blog readers! I hope you are all enjoying the change of the season, the cozy sense of the fall and its wonderful effect on nature. Warm colors of the leaves, soft wind and the foggy skies. Sometimes while walking back home each week day, I take a small peek between the bushes while walking near the woods and I just stand there and wonder .I free my imagination a little, and I become like a little child reading a fairytale. Somehow the feeling gets me but then I shift quickly to reality and go ahead keeping the inspiration. So here is these Super quick and easy fall decor project ideas:  

1-Simply gather and glue some twigs to a plain votive and tie a string of twine around the center
 with some fall leaves for a colorful autumn piece that can be used throughout the season Click to view details 

2-Classic papier mache balloon project: Swap the newspaper for faux leaves, and you’ve got yourself a gorgeous autumn leaf bowl Click to view details 

3-Canning Jar Ring Pumpkin. To make the wreath, you just get a bunch of canning jar lids and string them together, tying the string tightly. The original idea came from Funky Junk Interiors. Click to view Details


Here is my two fall oil paintings that are available on my Nature Whisper Etsy shop. So what are you waiting for start gathering some falling leaves and make up something to decorate your space! 

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  1. Hello dear, I absolutely looove your blog. :) Great!

    Do you want to follow each other? Let me know hun!

    Have a nice day..

    Elizabeth.. http://elizabethlore.blogspot.cz/

  2. Very nice DIY , loved the decor.. Perfect for fall..
    Keep in touch,

  3. Such a nice DIY!!! I love making DIY tutorials too:)))

    I'm your new follower (258), and I have a DIY& fashion blog. Hope you follow me back


  4. I love the leaf bowl! Fun DIY's! And your paintings are beautiful!
    Jeans and a Teacup


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