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Sunday Detox: Great Detoxifier

One of the great benefits I am having now while being here in morocco is enjoying all fresh and cheap fruits and vegetables.I would like to share This MIRACLE DRINK, we often make it here and I was amazed to see it on one of the health care and weight loss sites. It has been circulating for a long time. It is worth your while to take note.


You need one beet root, one carrot and one apple that combine together to make the JUICE! Wash the above, cut with the skin on into pieces and put them into the juicer and immediately you drink the juice. You can add some lime or lemon for more refreshing taste.

This Miracle Drink will be effective for the following ailments:

1. Prevent cancer cells to develop.It will restrain cancer cells to grow.
2. Prevent liver, kidney,pancreas disease and it can heal ulcer.
3. Strengthen the lung, prevent heart attack and high blood
4. Strengthen the immune system
5. Good for the eyesight, eliminate red and tired eyes or dry eyes
6. Help to eliminate pain from physical training, muscle ache
7. Detoxify, assist bowel movement, eliminate constipation. Therefore it will make skin healthy and LOOK more radiant. It is God send for acne problem.
8. Improve bad breath due to indigestion, throat infection,
10. Assist Hay Fever Sufferer from Hay Fever attack.

Highly nutritious and easily absorbed. Please make sure to drink immediately from the juicer for
best effect.You can drink this everyday if you want. 



  1. So many health benefits! I 'd drink it for it's lovely color only but with all these reasons I think I 'll give it a try...

  2. Mmm this sounds delish, thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Seem yummy and healthy!! I should try to make it very soon!


  4. Thanks for sharing! I will definitely try it!

  5. your wish is to go to rome? good for you.Wish it and it will come true :P i'm going this summer and i'm so excited!

    Such a nice style you have!
    Follow each other?



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