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DIY: Greek-key Pillow

Hello lovelies! I am finally done with this challenging home project making Greek-key pillows. I adore how the Greek- Key design make the spaces look very luxurious and classic. The project was harder then I thought. I've searched the web and saw that some people use fabric tape to create this type of shapes easily, but I guess I have done it the hard way using water proof color for fabric to fill up the space I designed before on plastic paper, draw and cut the needed lines and stick it on the fabric. It was very hard to make the exact needed line on the fabric and not having some color drops over spilled on the corners. So it took me a while to adjust the lines. Here you can take a look at the second photo, it shows the steps I toke making my DIY  Greek-Key pillow! 

Do you like to challenge yourself  and make new things? craft projects, sewing or embroidery ext..  I would like to hear your ideas..


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