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New digital painting

Hello readers, Today I would like to present another new type of art that I tried and I am willing to develop it in the coming days. Digital painting became very popular now days and considered as modern alternative art, it helps adding small details and effects to normal painting and give a touch and a vision of reality.

Here is my first two paintings made by mixing photos, tools and adding effects to a very simple painting.  Digital paintings can be printed in many sizes and are able to be personalized, be framed, used as cards or book covers ext..

Some people still prefer simple original and classic art. What do you think of the alternative art and specially digital paintings ?

Feel free to check more of my art works at MadeByHind fan page.


  1. I think art comes in many forms. I practice my craft in many forms, and think it keeps my creativity alive to try other media. Your pieces are lovely Hind, you have a real flair for digital art.

  2. Every art is stolen my mind. Though i am artist. Your art is simply different from other. Thanks for your nice sharing.

  3. Beautiful art, very inspirational, and the use of blue color makes it perfect for the summer!:)
    Happy Wednesday! xoxo


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