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UAE Trip

Hello again! you guys must have seen from my Instagram photos that I am in Dubai / Abu Dhabi this week. It feels amazing to be back to one's first culture and language. It's been ages!!! and add up on it meeting my best old friend whom I haven't seen in 8 years. 

It's so lovely in here and I gotta admit I was lucky with such amazing weather, not too hot at all or humid. I decided I just want to spend quality girls time with my gf so I did not plan lots of sightseeing and activities around here thinking I will for sure come back another time when the conditions are much better. 

We stayed in a nice hotel Aloft Palm. Ate in a lot of nice restaurants, been to lounges and tried a beauty salon experience where the staff was very professional and caring. I did not take the camera with me this trip so I collected these photos from Pinterest.  Gratitude!

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