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A Day In Le Diamant

It has been ten days since we arrived here. We are exploring new towns in the Island slowly as we have plenty of time. Other than our town where we live now Les trois-ilets, we visited Le Diamant for a day accompanied by one of Davids colleagues.

Le Diamant, both a town and a commune, is one of the most scenic destinations in southern Martinique, although there's no real center here as things are scattered along about 2km of sandy, wave-tossed shore and in the hills immediately behind. For visitors, this seaside town is a good base to explore the western horn of the island. It's also an obvious launching pad for the superb dive sites located around Le Rocher du Diamant, while the haunting Anse Cafard Slave Memorial gives some much-needed historical perspective on Martinique's brutal colonial history.

The road to the destination from our location was interesting. It was very quirky with lots of hills and the view as we arrived at the Diamant area was fabulous. The beach is wide long full of palms and shade to hide from the afternoon's strong sun. In this particular beach, the waves are higher. I had to hold Julia the whole time just to be extra careful. 

We bought fresh gigantic fruits from the local Marche with good prices. Everything was huge and bananas were in different colors, even purple. Spices and lots of coconut products to find in these local places. 

Unfortunately, we ended the trip with a bad food experience at one of the beaches local/casual restaurants ( Street style ) with beach view. The service was terrible and took more than an hour to get the order while we sat down sweating, we were not even served our cold beverages either. When the food finally arrived, it was not cooked well. They decided they won't charge us at the end. 

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