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Back From Malaga

Finally got some time to write an update. We traveled to Malaga and came back yesterday night. It was such an amazing weather! sunshine, blue sky and 18c. We enjoyed the Spanish cuisine on our first evening at El Meson de Cervantes. It was a family friendly place and perfect for baby strollers as most Spanish restaurant has too little space. 

Next day I tried to see as much as I can of Malaga city especially the old part. I took the photos below and some live Instagram videos. I made sure to enjoy the Mediterranean sea fresh fish because I miss it so much while living in Sweden, like sardines and octopus. Julia was very happy with the weather and she loved watching pets and pigeons everywhere while siting in her strollers as I walked around the narrow streets of old malaga. 

Lots of things felt like Casablanca actually. I was surprised to see too many smilier things... even the peoples faces. So I didn't feel strange at all.  I hope you guys enjoy this photos of Malaga from my lens. 

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  1. These photos are looking so amazing !



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