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Shelfie Challenge

Hello again. I got invited to join this home decor ( Shelfie Challenge ) by  Laurel and Wolf an interior design online magazine. This is a Morden style shelf  at our home that I styled using my own muse and taste adding things that are character related to me and my hubby. As I am photography and art interested and he works in aviation, both of us love nature and little bit of the luxurious lifestyle.

Below there are tips from Laurel & Wolf on how to decorate your own shelf. I hope you guys get inspired and I hope I get picked on the challenge as one of the nice shelves. Have a lovely weekend! 


  1. A really nice result. The chocolate wall gives a great background. I love the succulent you placed there - I have these plants all over my place :)

    Clara | Interiors Design di Clara

  2. That's a lovely shelf !



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