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Style: How To Dress Minimal

Hello style lovers! I collected these simple, basic and modern outfit sets to show you how to dress in Monochrome Style.

Its very simple.. and its only about matching colors and shades that fit together inspired by nature, no flashy shinny colors...not too many accessory either. The less.. the basic and classic the outfit appears. 

Best basic colors to go for to create a Monochrome Style closet are: Black, Grey, White, Beige and all its shades until Ivory / Creamy... and also you can break those colors by adding simple accessories in Dark Blue and Green.. Brown..or other shades and levels from the nature colors only! 

If you are looking for more inspiration other than these sets below you can take a look at "My Style Pinterest Board" where I keep updating the style collocation with all whats new in the Monochrome trend.  Enjoy!

Monochrome Style

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  1. I love the looks that you put together !



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