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Prom Dresses 2016: Featuring The New Years Unique Design and Colors

Hello formal dress lovers! I am back with a special fashion topic. Since I am fascinated about formal event dresses as you might have noticed from my Pinterest boards, I prepared this collection of my most desired prom dresses for 2016 trend.

Regarding the color, design and quality Ive collected this marvelous dresses from Aisle Style , their 2016 prom dresses collection is very unique and not only the dresses are gorgeous, its also how smooth you can surf their listings , details, information, photos and the rest of the services they offer.

What catch my attention as well was the large color options and organized categories for the designs. I managed to make my Wedding Wish List selection very easy using their Silhouette, Hemline/Train and Neckline options tool found on the header of the website. Because I know how frustrating it is to imagine in mind what you are looking for and being not able to point it out while searching for it. I guess we all been there! 

Last year we fell in love with lace dresses, and it is totally fine to still go for a lace dress especially for those who like to stick to the classic style. As for me I always look for what is different. Here I selected the dresses that I found remarkable such as the two pieces dress No 3. No 2 Is super luxury and shinny. No 5 Is very elegant and presents the less is more concept, and its also available in champagne color (Photo above). 

At the end,  among all this fabulous dresses, my number one choice would be No 6. And guess why? Because it reminds me of the 20s fashion and the Gatsby movie designs which I am going to highlight for our Gatsby - inspired  vintage wedding theme.

I hope you enjoy this fashion inspiration and you are always welcome to vote for your favorite dress among this list or from the Aisle Style 2016 collection. You can also view the dresses using the links list above. Have a wonderful weekend! 

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