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Weekend In Stockholm

Last weekend we had a road trip down to Stockholm. It was a family trip with my parents in law and my guys two little cute nephews. We went to Gröna Lund which is a is an amusement park. We had lots of fun, me and my guy took the KATAPULTEN (SHOT N' DROP TOWER) ride. And that is a a drop down from 55 m hight in speed 60 km/h. 

We had a long walk across the marina side in the evening and enjoyed the beautiful view of the sea and Stockholm lovely boats. It happened to be the prince of Sweden`s wedding that evening. 

On Sunday I went on a photography tour in the old city and around the city center, you can see the photographs on my wordpress site 

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  1. Lovely photos Hind. It looks like the weather was perfect. You are braver than I would have been on that ride. I am afraid I would have left my stomach behind!

    1. Thank you! yeah what a drop down. I also got that feeling but it was worth to try.


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