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A little bit of healthy narcissism is needed

Since I had a stressful week worrying about things might or might not happen and suffered a very severe insomnia catching up on things and carrying the world on my poor shoulders, I made a plan this morning while I was on the bus ride to work, which is, to have a one of a kind weekend. 

I made a promise to myself that I wont get too lost with the world orbits, I would rather set down, relax and make my own, with things that matters the most to me in person. So first I started from today and made a small to do list to tick off all my out standing matters between relatives, friends, finance ext.. to help clearing the wight of respectability that buzz's my mind and ruining my peace of mind. So on Friday I will do all the things that I usually leave for the weekend, such as house tasks.. all together no matter how much time it will take to get them done.

Here is my healthy narcissism plan XD (healthy self-love) :

-Start the morning with an early rich health breakfast
-Go out for at least  45 minutes jug or long walk by the coast
-Pamper myself with a long hot bubbles bath, body scrub and all body care related..
-Cook a favorite meal that I enjoy making
-Stay in the outdoors all day long to enjoy fresh air that I miss during work days.
-Paint, read, swim, have a happy hour drink while listening to favorite music ext..
-Have along walk by the beach and take photographs as I used to do before
-Will do longer time meditation and yoga with the full set of spiritual items such as incense, candles and flute music.
-Make a plat of finger food and wine and enjoy my favorite jazz albums 
-Watch a move I wanted to see since long time or read a very desirable book until I fall a sleep.
+List is still on progress until I collect more ideas..

The main thing in this Healthy Narcissism plan is to only care about myself  for full two days in a row, as if I am the only one exists, and for the very first time have anti Internet weekend, I already don't watch TV or use telephones, but Internet is my main addiction. I will avoid news and social life and everything that interrupts me from enjoying my own existence in this world. 

What do you think of the plan? do you agree with me, or you think its too selfish? 

I am still very amused by the Eat, pray, love book as you can see .... hehe



  1. I need to have this!! Must get back into shape inside and out!! And definitely have some healthy self love too. Have a wonderful weekend :) x

  2. I will never add burden of doing so many things at a time. But seriously, I also need to work on my internet addiction :P and I wish to spend more time out n make new frnds.

  3. Bang on, girl.. one task at a time.. take a lonnnngg time doing your body care pampering.. THAT is gonna boost u up good. Always.. this is how it should be, Hind, love yourself everday,, not just these two days.. do something only ONLY for you everyday.. just one task.
    Be happy..

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