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Hello lovelies, I just got back from a another trip in Scandinavia,  It took a week only this time and I got the chance to see a real Autumn season with my own eyes! and enjoy the beauty and sense the fresh nature. I will write more about the trip in the coming (Travel Tales) post.

While I was there I picked up some new tools and other stuff to start sewing..as I mentioned in a previous post that I will be making pillows this time and not just that, now I am so tempted to master the art of embroidery.  Here is 3 photos of what I made so far but I will be working on more shapes and styles this week beside studying. I hope this inspire you to too..



Pink Bust of Beethoven

Here is one of my favoraite Art finds this month! How cool would it be to have a Beethoven Bust Statue in your home or office? Beethoven, a great music composer,  changed into a bright and cheery hot pink, Beethoven! Wonderful for that music lover or charm in any room in your place. Put it on the piano, a credenza, in your office,or even your dresser to add some modern-classical.

Its Made out of plaster and painted in hot pink. Makes a rad, unique gift for anyone on your list! What to you think? 

The Sailing Boat

Today I present one of the sailing boat paintings that I worked on the last month. Actually this one is one of my favorite (watercolor) works of art this year. The painting is perfect for blue and beige interior designs,  beach houses or boys room. As I mentioned before, sometimes its hard to find the right frame for each painting, so I hope this one is suitable.. there is also silver frame in the same classic shape but the golden seemed more richer to me. 

I guess its nice to keep the framing optional because people have different color and style tastes, what do you think?! 


Favorite Bloggers Spotlight

 I am happy to feature these inspiring bloggers today!  

Hello, my name is Kizzy and I'm a mother, wife and photographer. On my blog, The Dainty Dolls House, I blog about art, Scotland, my style, I also like to create photo shoots and share them as well. On Mondays, I start off with some positive vibes as we all need those these days. I like to have my blog be a eclectic creative atmosphere people can forget their worries and enjoy the beautiful things in life and maybe learn something new too. Everyone is welcome no matter what their blog is about & I hope to see you there :) 

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I'm Fabiola Tinelli, I was born 23 years ago and I'm an only child. In March 2012 I had the degree in Italian Letters, and currently I'm studying for the specialization. I've always loved fashion's world, infact, when I was a very little girl, with my grandma, we spent entire afternoons doing great catwalks wearing improvised clothes: it was my first fashion experience! : ) I think this is my occasion to show my personal ideas about it. I hope you will like my blog, where you can find my looks (and much more)!

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Hello! I am Daisy, I am a writer : I post my poems/stories/thoughts  and after a while, apart few exceptions. They're just too "fresh" to write about the same day. For you it's like you're reading in the past. To me is "remembering". After a while, memories become more vivid. And when you're going through the files in the drawer called "past happenings" in your head, you see them more clearly. Even the feelings, you feel them more clearly. So you can write around them not only about them! 

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Aren't those ladies just fabulous? Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 



Hello again, I hope you all has a lovely Monday! I just finished with the flowers collection ( Flower Power) that I mentioned before. A collection with a touch of romance, bright and shinny colors to brighten the walls and spaces. I am still uploading the photos to my shop and the online gallery at the moment. There is always more had work after getting the paintings done..like choosing the right framing, taking photos, editing the collection price list and of course advertising them to the public.  You can visit My Page to view the whole collection at the moment, until I finish with adding the paintings to the shop. 

P.S Thank you all for your emails and supporting comments..


Turkey: Holiday in Bodrum

It was a last minute plan to go for a short trip to the lovely small town called Bodrum. In the southwestern Aegean Region of Turkey . The city was called Halicarnassus of Caria in ancient times and was famous for housing the Mausoleum of Mausolus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient WorldBodrum Castle, built by the Crusaders in the 15th century, overlooks the harbour and the marina. The castle grounds include a Museum of Underwater Archeology and hosts several cultural festivals throughout the year.

When we first arrived I felt like the city has a little bit of Tunisian touch, the buildings, the sea and the weather, specially with all the palms I kept seeing everywhere. But after I had a tour around its streets and marina I noticed that it looks more like a small town in Greece and that made me want to read about the History of the city. Reading about more about the roots of the city today I found out that the first recorded settlers in Bodrum region were the Carians and the harbor area was colonized by Dorian Greeks as of the 7th century BC.

Bodrum is  the 4th city I visited during my stay in Turkey. It was very nice city, and I really had good time being close to the Mediterranean sea, it makes me feel kind of , HOME!