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Personal Style: Versace texture inspired outfits

Hej style gaals! Nowadays everybody is wearing stripes and floral texture dresses and I think it's time to find another trend to look unique again. If you been reading my blog since last year, you for sure know how I fell in love with Gianni Versace from the Tv show the bio of his life and assassination. Since then I started liking anything, everything that is similar to his style, patterns, and textures. I have a scarf that is Versace style and I would love to add to my closet one of if not all these 3 lovely outfits that has a little bit of that Versace style touch. Remember, to me its always about the DESIGN, not the brand. Take a look at these luxury Versace inspired fabrics.

By the way, these designs fit well with pear body shape women, as the long sleeves, open shoulder and V shape balance the length with the width of the hips. Check out more of my style recommendations for pear body shape

Obviously, my favorite one is the one in the zoomed big picture, pink and with black and white leopard print. I hope these don't end up being sold out because every time I feature something on my blog it often out of stock the next day :-P ... Just saying! hehe...  I won't be tricked this time and I will put the link once I make my purchase ;-) and I hope it arrives on time for my next occasion. Cheers!


Outfit links , click on photo!

Funniest song ever XD

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