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New Things To Do: My List

Hello lovelies! back with another "piece of me" post written as I sip on my black morning coffee in my new " Africa " inspired cool cup :-P .  Guess I am growing more homesick than I ever been..

Well as I love to try new things every once and a while, dare to challenge myself to discover my abilities and life propose. I made a simple list of things that I want to do and I want to share it with you guys to inspire some of you who might want to do the same or make their own try new things list! SO HERE WE GO:

New education: I will start a new education in a totally new field for me, but for something I have always been passionate about. You can guess from the blog content;-)

Boxing: I wanted to start boxing a few months ago but my unstable schedule with Julia did not allow me to know the times and dates I will be able to attend the classes, babysitting problem :-/.  Hopefully, soon I manage to sort a routine where I can attend a boxing gym that is flexible.

Organic living: I am trying to live more organic and become a better person for my environment / our planet earth. Putting it first when it comes to my daily living routine. 

TCM Massage course: I love massage and massaging .. especially after getting into the spirituality, energy and kundalini & Reiki world. I believe we humans have to power to heal each other with the simplest natural technics. 

Minimalism: Applying minimalism to my whole lifestyle and not just the decor and design side. 

New social life: Work on my social issues and allow new people to my life. I am often very bad at trusting after bad experiences. So I often shut down and push people away in times of self-doubts.  

-Homemade pickles: I would like to do my own pickled vegetable jars. 

-Homemade marmalade: This weekend I am planning to make my own jam from the berries I picked this summer.  

- Knit something new: I would love to challenge myself to knit something other than hat and scarf. I want to knit something by hand for my loved ones to gift them this winter.

-Cookbook: Collect all my blog recipes and make a pdf cookbook with short stories aside from my hometown/travels. 

Priorities: I am blessed with having lots of artistic talents but unfortunately I often get lost between them and I lose focus on which one I should put first. This year my challenge will be is to organize a schedule for all my hobbies to make my creativity directed on the right path.

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