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August Is Here!

I can not believe its already August 2018, this summer is flying by so fast in a blink of an eye. Its been a while since I wrote a diary update... So much going on and I am trying to enjoy my good quality time with my daughter before she starts kindergarten and me being full time occupied. We are potty training and learning few new words everyday.. she is so adorable when she speaks. I realized my time with her is being quite limited since I was used to being with her the whole time the past two years. 

Yesterday I had another kind of "housewarming" gathering, I keep having them small celebrations each time a friend of mine visits me. The next one will be on mid-August as my dear friend Lina whom we used to photograph together the past years is coming to visit me for a few days from Umeå. I can not wait!  

Today we are invited to a kids birthday party of a friend of mine and tomorrow I am heading for another qigong and TCM therapy in härnösand so it will be a health and wellbeing weekend to charge well for the next month where I am going to start a brand new chapter in my life. Enjoy your weekend guys <3 p="">


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