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Summer Camp Getaway

Sometimes all we need is a change of environment to see things differently. I learned this from the temporary move last winter. Last year in July we camped withJulia'ss grandparents for a few days.

I am still in the moving process, it took quite a long time doing the paperwork such as change address, make the contract, insurance and since Julia got sick we were late with the renovating schedule. Hopefully, the kitchen will be done this week. 

Meanwhile, I thought of taking a short escape while Julia is home from kindergarten to my friends cute small summer cabin. Its pretty simple here and so relaxing. Now that Julia went away on vacation for a week, it feels empty without her. We had such a great time here together, it hurts to see her toys and stuff around. 

Now I am trying to get used to the routine of being alone without her sometimes. I took an early morning dopp in the river, went talking in the strawberry farm/field nearby taking some photographies, did yoga, helped with the gardening and cut the weed.. reading books and so on.. trying to stay unplugged as much as possible. 

Not sure how this week will go. I would rather stay on this getaway offline even more but its hard when what you do has to do with the digital tech life.

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