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Back To Where It All Started: Istanbul

Istanbul was my first solo trip in 2006 out of the African content. I spent three months in it, made new friends and Turkish people hosted me with the big warm heart it felt like a second home. The reason I kept coming back through the years since then. I can not even count how many times I kept coming back to Turkey in general, sometimes was just on vacation, some was when I moved and worked here during the war. 

In Turkey, I worked with tourism, real estate, sales representative, translation, and gaming industry. My language skills were needed in here as its an international attraction. Before I leave in 2012 I got a job offer in the Maldives but I moved to Sweden instead hehe.. So I consider Istanbul a good luck charm place where I find opportunities as well as harmony and inner peace even that I had some tough days but things kept turning out just fine. 

I have lots of friends here and we are planning get-togethers this week to catch up after all those years. When I arrived I felt as If I only was here yesterday. The language came back to me right away. The streets are packed with happy people, music, food smells, and the air is between warm and cold. You could walk back and forth in Istiklal street all evening long without seeing the same thing twice.

I will be going back to my Turkish simple pleasures, taking in our Mediterranean/oriental culture, and enjoying as much as I can before going back to Västernorland where my little pearl is.  

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