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Gorges De La Falaise Hike

Another breathtaking adventure in Martinique Island. Now that we only got 6 days left, I am trying to take advantage of each day here to recharge my spirit and soul before I get back to my life in Västernorrland and my personal responsibilities that are waiting for me there. 

This hike was even greater than the last one. Read more about Les Gorges de la Falaise here. It was a hike through the jungle, water, and very large rocks, the view from below was magical. As soon as we made it to the waterfall I got an amazing zen feeling and nature started whispering to me that divine talk. I usually get skin goosebumps and a sensation as if I will nearly cry when I meet the beauty of nature. I first got it in Langkawi island in Malaysia, and I continued getting it ever since until recently in Norway last August and here.

So far me and the ladies have done 3 hikes, one in Didier, the volcano, and this one. We had a jet ski tour to the bat cave and back and I did a dive. Now I can not wait to do more the rest of the days we've got left.  I also need to make my hotel booking in both locations I am traveling to in April. 

I am spending Saturday night watching Mbc the voice as I write this update to be published tomorrow, will be going to bed early again. And tomorrow my dear Linda is coming with her son to spend the day with me and Julia, we will make our favorite ginger and green apple virgin cocktails and enjoy moms chilling day by the pool, and plan our (home decor) shopping trip to Marrakech in the fall:-).

 Below are two favorite songs of mine that match with my mood during the trip. Gratitude! 

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