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Goodbye Martinique

Today is our last day in Martinique Island. The past five months flew by so fast, with sweet and bitter days but the atmosphere here made it hard not to stay positive, giggly and enjoy each moment being in the freaking Caribbean baby XD, surrounded by white sands, palms, clear water, lots of activities and a super busy social life none stop. Such a blessing!

I am super happy today. I had to remove all the past day's diary posts ( posts written under the influence of others drama) as part of my spring cleaning.. cleansing the past and welcoming a bright new future. Miracles kept coming to my life recently one after the other and I can not help it but feel the luckiest and happiest woman on the planet. Martinique is indeed a special island, something about it that triggered lots of things in me, as I mentioned before that is nature effect on my soul. I will defiantly try to come here again someday, perhaps on a bonding vacation with my daughter :-). I am at total peace with my surroundings and everything will be done in harmony.

I have learned lots of things being here in the la la island, had a great time at the beach/pool with my daughter and as a family. Met some wonderful people, made new friends, tried lots of new things and activities. Experienced and explored a new me in new conditions and I feel so pleased for that. My vibration is quite high and very hopeful. Turning old pages already started and I have an enormous sense of freedom and high energy ready to start a new chapter next month.  Wouuhouoooo!!!

This evening will cozy up with Julia watch the Trolls Movie, and I will be watching some Netflix stand-up comedy when she goes to bed. Our flight is super early in the morning. I am currently doing the packing and final cleaning and this is my mood at the moment.. Have a wonderful Friday and a kick-ass weekend. Remember to say GRATITUDE!!!

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