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The Tropical December

Hi guys,  The holiday is just around the corner and I absolutely have no feeling of it at all. I can not even believe that 2017 is coming to an end in only a few weeks from now. Seriously! 

I am trying my best to keep the blog post going even with all the things I have on hand at the moment. The studying, the parttime job hunt, and the family activities.  I barely get any time for myself and my hobbies.  I might steal half an hour in the morning to do my cardio workout using youtube videos, or capture some photographs while on the beach if Julia took a nap.

Our social life is going well with the small Scandinavian family community. We still do gatherings at the beach at least once a week, pool parties with the kids, dinners and soon we will have a pre-Christmas party. This way we maintain a family (kids friendly) environment and have fun as parents at the same time. 

So far all is well except the mosquitos and their itchy bites, bad phone coverage at our new accommodation, and the annoying rental search for the rest of the months while we here because of the high season and lack of proper accommodations. Also, we've heard about this beach worm that can enter your body and travel through the skin. Two of Davids colleagues already got it and it's remaining in their body until they get its specific medication that is supposed to kill it and kick it off.  This news made me terrified of walking barefoot on the beach. 

But as positive as I always am, I try to ignore the bad and focus on the good.  Grab a coconut and drink its water..... cook a couple of meals using the tropical fruits and flavors. Make a homemade pineapple sangria and enjoy it with friends ... then share the recipes and stories with you guys :-) 

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