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Building Bridges In 2018

For the past couple of years, I have isolated myself quite a lot when it comes to my own personal social life/culture for different reasons. As the years pass me by and as I grow old in age and responsibilities, I see how important it is for me to maintain a social balance with people who I connect with and I shared wonderful memories and experiences.  

This year I am finally planning a get-together and reunion with a couple of my dearest family members and friends. These events are going to be very big and mean a lot to me because I really neglected this part of my needs for a very long time until I started feeling the consequences.  Dealing with homesickness for both missing the culture and people who I have a history with is not very easy. And it doesn't go away by time or years. 

Now I am so happy that my dearest people share the same interest and are willing to make this happen, by making the time and opportunity for me to reconnect with this part of me that needed to be fulfilled. I really appreciate it! 

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