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A visit to Petit Anse

Every week we try to at least do one sightseeing, to see one of the many beautiful places on this little island. I fell in love with this little fishermen village from Pinterest photos when I first searched for photos of Martinique. And since then it was on my list.  Here are some reviews about Petit Anse

Petite Anse is a district of Anses d'Arlet almost autonomous, almost a village in the village where most of the inhabitants live fishing.

Petite Anse is not a very touristy place because its beach is the least sympade all the beaches of Anses d'Arlet, we rarely see people bathe except for a few locals. This is not because the beach is less inviting than scourier in this area of Anses d'Arlet that we must not go! The district of Petite Anses is typical, the people of a contagious and calm kindness is king. In addition, it is one of the corners of Martinique less aroused ... so it should be nice during your visit! 

There are 2 magnificent views including the point of view on the Diamond Rock at the extreme south of Petite Anse and the departure of the hike Morne Larcher (photo opposite) which offers a very special panorama. Like a micro-climate bubble over a very small area where you can see Le Diamant and up to Sainte-Anne.

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