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Things I Will Never Do Again

Through the years we all try new things for the experience, we might make mistakes but we learn from them. There is no mistake or bad choice actually! there is always a lesson behind all the experiences. I still hate the regret part though :-/ ...  Here are some of the things I regret doing and I will never ever do again:

Get a gel / acrylic nail extension: At first it was beautiful, girly and felt amazing but as it started to get pushed up while the natural nail grows I became so annoyed by them. Not to mention it took me a week to get used to them when it comes to pulling my credit card from the wallet and typing on both touch screen phone and macbook.  I tired them only once by the way as a birthday treat ... and that was enough. 

Go on a rock concert: Well well ... I don't know from where to start. Couple of years ago I joined my hubby to attend metallica concert in Stockholm with his hometown friends and their girlfriends. The area was just an open field in the middle of nowhere ... it was too crowded, loud and the rock fan audience looked scary. We all lost each other while we were standing on both bathroom and shop queue. A total nightmare! 

Buy secondhand goods: I had only one secondhand purchase and it wasn't pleasing at all. It became one my biggest shopping regrets. Never ever again! 

Go camping without a mosquito hat net: I have bad experiences with mosquitoes in Sweden. The first one made my face swollen like a balloon for a week. You wouldn't recognize me. I actually had to stay home from work until the swelling disappeared. On one would have taken me seriously with a sumo fighter face. 

Watch real crime documentaries: Couple of months ago I started watching Real Detectives Tv Show on Netflix. A story of a 6 years old boy crime touched me so deeply and hunted me for weeks that I couldn't sleep. I suppose after having a baby I became so sensitive to all things related to children. I still feel very sad when I remember the poor little boy. May his soul rest in peace.   

Stay up late until after midnight: I used to be a night owl..  Now I would rather crawl in bed early listening to an audiobook or nature sounds until I fall asleep . I can no longer stay up late since I got Julia. Except if I had a long afternoon nap... But anyway staying up late makes me tired the next day whether we were on an event, just home watching a movie or talking to my relatives in the united states due to time differences. 

Buy bikinis or jeans online: There are certain things you can't buy online, for me biknies and jeans are one of them. Even if the size is right ... there are some styles that doesn't match my body type. And the only way to know that is by trying them physically.  Now I became better at knowing what fits me perfectly and what's not from all the style trends out there that looks perfect on the models only. 

Brazilian or Asian permanent straightening: I tried this twice, once when I was in Brazil and once in Bali. The down side to permanent straightening is; first you should not shower or wet your hair for couple of days which I had hard time with in those hot and beach destinations. Second is; as soon as the new curly hair start coming up the hair looked so weird and funny. 

Wear high heels without taking another spare flat shoes: Back in the days I used to wear high heels a lot until I actually got used to them. I didn't walk much like I do now ... so It wasn't a problem. Now my lifestyle has changed and I walk often as we live only less then 10 min walk to the city center. Whenever I wear my heels I make sure I take a spare of flat shoes in my bag. Once I forgot to, and I ended up walking around barefoot.

Getting a tattoo or piercing : On my teen days and early 20s I got a belly piercing and a little tattoo. During my pregnancy as my belly grew the piercing hole stretched so much and it didn't look nice. Now it's all back to normal as nothing happened but I won't be placing any piercing hoping for it to disappear just like my little tattoo. Luckily the tattoo faded over the years and it's totally gone now.  

Hold on to negative feelings: I am a peaceful person and I have no enemies, because I am humble and I often walk away when things go wrong. But whether it's a bad memory, misunderstanding, a family conflict, or a feud of some kind ... I do the bigger person role and use the power of forgiving and letting go. I give people excuses for their actions and I forgive and forget. I will never ever hold on to negativity and I live each day only looking forward. 

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