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Lessons Learned

Couple of years ago I used to write emotional diaries, sharing my thoughts about things happening in my life. I stopped writing those posts because I have made a decision to mute my spiritual-self and control my emotions to the level of "only focus on what serves me and my new life path".

Now after all these years I started thinking maybe the lessons I learned through tough times could help someone else. Help them know that there is always light at the end of the tunnel, if you really insist to become the person you always dreamed to be and transform your life.

These lessons contain both achievements and regrets. Achievements of letting go of all the wrong things I learn from the toxic surroundings and environment I was brought up in as a child coming from broken family and a twisted conflicted culture. And regrets of losing precious things that can never be replaced due to the way I was thinking back then. I also take full responsibility for all my past actions that might have hurt loved ones and cause them pain. None of it was easy. 

These Lessons are :

- Be true to yourself before you try to be true to someone else. That means that you need to resolve whatever issues in your life by yourself. Love yourself, be honest with yourself,  accept your flaws and work on them. Try to be the best you can be.

- Invest in yourself using knowledge and self-education. Challenge yourself to try new things, learn new skills and never limit yourself. Get rid of people who try to limit you or cut your wings. 

- Never ever use emotional manipulation, or twist facts to get what you want (prove a point). Or be the victim of it. I have suffered from this one since It was used against me through the years by relatives. It took me years to understand it. And stop me from doing it to others.

- Be honest, but too much honesty in terms of things that need deep understanding only brings trouble. People only understand things the way they want. Not how the circumstances really were.    

- Never put your pride and jealousy games between you and a loved one. It will end up being a lifetime regret because the truth will be lost in the game and so many other precious things. 

- "Forbidden fruit" things that start wrong, always have the same ending. Never get involved in a wrong situation. If you have doubts and if things feel complicated .. run. 

-  In times of weakness listen to your heart, your morals and set them as your standards in life. Not what people around you do or say. Be the only author of your life book. 

Divide your personal needs from your emotional needs. And never lean on those whom you love to be your financial providers. Financial issues kill love, between both partners and family members.

- Easy come easy go. Trust in the right timing. There is the right moment for everything. Never rush things up to accomplish fast results. 

-  Keep aware of the effect the people around you has in your life and behavior. Never settle for what makes you feel less or not enough. Toxic and negative relationships can make us lose our self-esteem and so everything else.  

- "The One" is the person who reflects back to you all of your inner shadows, but also your deepest beauty and greatest strengths. Helps you to access tremendous emotional, physical, and spiritual growth.

- If you fail to find or be with your soul mate. Find someone whom you connect to beyond physical level, even with long distance or someone from the same sex because you will need to fulfill the soul connection. A deep friendship. This will bring you peace and grace.

- Give second chances, forgive and keep your heart open to those people who have a special place in your heart. Life is too short and all that we are left with in the end is the regrets of things we did not dare to do.

- "Show must go on" since it’s what best for everyone. But I believe in unconditional love/relationships, the reason why I never try too hard to tight someone to me. Only true love survives... But I know now, If I am ever truly committed by heart, I would always stand up to my vows. 

To be continued..

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