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New High Waist Bikinis for Pear Body Shape

Some women have round uninterrupted curves while others have high or hip dips between the bottom of the waist and the top of thigh. Like Mily Cyrus, Beyonce, and Kelly Brooks, Marilyn Monroe, Scarlett Johansson and Demi Lovato!  All of these famous women have them!
It’s a part of our anatomy and it just happens to be more noticeable in others. It also has a lot to do with your muscle build, body type and fat distribution. Bear in mind that in the hip dips occur because the femur attaches to the acetabulum, which is made up of all the 3  main hip bones called pubis, ischium and ilium.
Basically, you get a hip dip from being born with a skeleton.
For the past couple of months it has gotten a lot of names such as high dents, Violin hips, high hips and shelf hips. Read more..

High waist bikinis are perfect for curvy pear body shape, they minimize the look of hip dips or hip dents by hugging the whole hip area. They work like a body shaper. For hip dips only buy bikinis that will fit your dip and hide the space between your hips and thighs. 

At the end high hips , hip dips or curves aren't something bad to be ashamed of. I just know lots of women including myself who look for ways on how to feel more comfortable with the body shapes especially after having a baby and body changes as we age. 

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