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Family Vacation Celebrating Birthdays In Greece

We were invited on vacation to celebrate my mother in law's and my hubby's niece birthday in the greek island crete. It was a wonderful week of sunshine, great food, drinks, beach, pool and entertainments. We had lots of fun and family bonding time. We rarely get a full week with David, so it was a great for Julia to be with her dad longer as she is growing and developing new skills and senses everyday. 

As lucky as I usually am... my birthday happened to be on the 5th of June during our stay there. I got a lovely chocolate cake from the Hotel Panorama Hotel . My parents in law bought me a "massage experience" in Ageo Spa which was outdoors with sea view and sea breeze. 

The mediterranean fish and other oriental dishes were also a gift from heaven to me. I soooo missed lots of these things while living in a completely different environment from where I grew up. The island gave me the feeling of being home again.   

I gave myself treats by visiting a nail bar spa and got myself a good beautiful feminine long nails which I don't usually do hehe... and a great feet treat and of course pedicure. 

More photos here

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