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Holiday Family Mountains Trip

One of our family traditions during Easter holiday is to travel to the mountain cabin and do the country living activities. Finally after two years of pregnancy and postpartum I managed to ski again. I was surprised that I remembered the techniques I've learned when I first started. The second day my body was exhausted and I could move a muscle. I had to wait for the 3th day to resume the training.  

Best thing about being in the mountains is spending the days outdoors. We do picnics, we grill, drive snowmobile, ski, take long walks and enjoy the lovely sunset view. April weather makes it less painful I also love taking lots of photographs there. 

Julia was happy spending quality time with her cousins. Her grandparents and aunt helped during our stay together so I could have some relaxing moments which I rarely get when I am with her by myself. 

We were lucky with such beautiful weather, sunshine and blue skies. And a good snow for skiing. I will be looking forward for the next time we visit the mountains during summer, which is a total different feeling when the grass gets green and the water sparkle under the sun.    


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