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Beauty: My Body Skin Care Routine

To continue on the previous beauty topic answering followers about my " skincare routine". This time I am mentioning the body skin care products and routine I try to follow daily.

It has been a bit difficult to follow this routine the first months of Julia arrival to my life. But on the last couple of months I had to get back on my skincare routine  and fight winter skin dryness because winter is the worst skin enemy for me. So I do and use the following:  

Every morning during the shower I use shower foam and oil by Rituals. Twice or once a week depends on how much time I got for the shower I use their Sakura body scrub. I actually got their whole Sakura  and Of Dao  sets which worked perfectly for my skin during the lough winter times. 

After the shower and every night before bed I use my skin saver BIOTHERM Lait Corpore Anti-Drying Bodymilk With Citrus Extracts . It's the only real body lotion that moisturize my skin very well during winter. Sometimes I use natural oils as well like coconut, olive or almond.

In Spring and Summer time I like to use more girly and perfume rich products and there is nothing like Victoria Secret when it comes to feminine sexy products. I LOVE their Hydrating Coconut Passion because it both smells good and effective. I also got couple of their fragrance mist spray which I don't use often to be honest.

During the day to keep my hands & body moisturized I use either Sakura hand cream by Rituals or Dream fragrant hand and body cream by Victoria's Secret as well. When Julia was a newborn I avoided using all fragrance products for her safety, I used coconut oil and other natural products. I wrote a post about it here.

At the end of the day if I had makeup on I use ACO Face Ultra Soft Cleansing Milk to remove it. I use Almond oil sometimes for the eyes circles, face and elbows. This routine I try to do two or three times a week. And right before I lay in bed, like I mentioned I use BIOTHERM again for my arms legs and I moisturize my feed very well.

Remember that after all natural products are the best. You can even make your own! check out my DIY Bodycare pinterest board for ideas and recipes. You can also check out more Body Care / Home Spa posts from the archive.

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