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Beauty: My Skin Care Routine

Few days ago some friends and social media followers asked me about my glowing face secret and skin care routine by commenting on a morning photo of mine drinking my first cup of coffee. To be honest I don't see that I have the glowing perfect skin but since I have been asked,  I thought.."well they say that people see themselves less beautiful than they actually are :-) "... especially women! that's why they spend enormous amount of money on beauty and makeup products that they don't really need. 

My everyday routine is very simple. First I am no longer an everyday makeup fan, it's been few years now since I stopped even wasting money on it. I rarely apply make up, maybe only on special occasions. And if I apply it on regular days it's often the " No make up - make up" which is very very light and barely seen. To remove makeup I use ACO Face Ultra Soft Cleansing Milk

I moisturize my face day and night. Sometimes even three times a day if I notice my face getting dry or after shower. I use Forever Aloe Nourishing Serum in the morning and I use either Elizabeth Arden Moisture Cream  or VISAGE D'OR  in the evening. I also make sure to apply Clinique ( all about eyes ) cream eye cream once a day. 

I try my best to drink lots of water. That doesn't mean a lot of water at once. I make sure I drink few sips of water all day long on different times during the day this way the body really uses the water instead of flushing it out fast. 

If you are really bad at remembering to drink water often. Make sure you place a glass of water or a jar on each table in the house. You can also set a reminder or use one of the apps on your phone to keep a track of your water consuming. 

And at last, during summer sunny days I try to wear my sunglasses all the time to protect eye circles from getting dark and tired. I also put on a large beach hat to protect all face and neck area when sun tanning and I of course use sunscreen with sun protection lipstick. And the after sun lotion later on the day. 

My favorite face pampering masks every now and then are mud mask, dead sea herbs mask and I love to apply almond oil sometimes after shower. 

I am not sure this would work for everybody. But this works for me and I hope this way I have answered your questions.

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