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Lazy Sunday

Finally the temperature raised back up again to 0 yesterday and I managed to go outside and get some stuff done. I visited the city mall where lots of sale is going on since Christmas day. After a long day out I came back home exhausted but still had tasks waiting for me... I completed all the things that had to be done home and I decided that Sunday is going to be my lazy day of the week. 

Actually a Mom's day can't be really lazy because the baby "To Dos" are a must and no way to skip them especially when my hubby is working abroad. I try to convince myself that I will somehow have an easy relaxing day like the old times when I used to work. 

During Julia's first nap around 9 , I made myself a good hot chocolate cup. And I drank it while reading a book and listening to some relaxing music playing on the background with the Live fireplace video on TV. Chatted with couple of old friends over the phone. And at meal times I decided I wont cook today nor order food. So I micro heated some frozen pizza and pie leftovers that were previously home cooked. 

Each time Julia had a nap or was busy playing, of course after she was changed and fed, I could steal some moment to myself to get back and enjoy my laziness while still watching over her. So basically I shortened my lazy Sunday in couple of moments here and there to make myself feel that I actually can make some time for myself rather than just taking care of things everyday. 

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  1. You did great to even go out in that weather. It's currently 5° here. Lazy days are always my favorite days, it is so easy to get caught up in the business of life. I hope you've enjoyed the rest of your sunday.


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