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While In Rome

Hello guys! I didn't have time to blog or plan blog posts before we travel. Everything happens very fast these days. 

We are enjoying Rome one more time. The weather is not very different from October when we were here last. It's still around 19 c and its perfect for us.  I will let you know more when we are back home next week!

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How To Modern Dressing Your Pear Shape Body

Here are some of my style / fashion hacks. I have a pear body shape and Ive ditched all the old ways of dressing pear shape because they seem all out of style. Here I picked some new modern outfits "inspiration" together with information of how to dress your body shape. I hope you find this useful! 

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What depicts a pear? Well, this is when you hold more weight in your lower half, and your upper body is noticeably smaller. It’s also known as the reverse triangle shape. You usually have narrow shoulders, back, and bust, but start to get curvy at the waist, hips and thighs. This is probably the most common shape in women, so you will easily be able to find separates that fit.

1- Wear appropriately sized clothing. If people within this body type wear underwear or pants that are too small, it can create a “muffin top” effect. This will make you appear chubby and ungainly. Furthermore, people with this body type often find that too-tight pants sink down their hips and become baggy around the buttocks. Make sure your pants fit properly and buy styles that rest on the middle of your hips to avoid sagging.

2- Dress to accentuate your upper body. Wearing flowing, bright colored tops will help balance the shape of your body. Patterns, frill, and layers can work well on shirts and tops for women too. For men, stick with balancing the upper body by avoiding tight neck-lines and horizontal stripes.[9] Men should also look for vertical stripes on shirts.
Women with this body type look especially good in crop-tops and high-waist shorts, a fashion trend popular with hipster girls.
Wearing black is a great option for slimming the figure.

3- Wear straight-leg pants. This is especially important for men with this body type. Avoid slim-fitting pants which will unbalance your body shape even further.[10] Wide pants can be flattering, but make sure that they aren’t so wide that they add too much bulk to your lower half.


Wear tops with a fitted waist.
Wear necklines that accentuate the shoulders and chest, such as off the shoulder, boat neck, or wide v or scoop necks.
Bright colors and bold patterns on top, with muted and darker tones on the bottom.
Wrap shirts are a great way to accentuate your small waist, while the diagonal lines draw the eyes to the chest.
Structured blazers with a darted waist and pockets at the top.
A-line skirts
Straight leg pants that fall from the waist, straight down.
Wear layers on the top half, such as scarves, jackets, kimonos, etc.


Light colored bottoms- our eye is always drawn to the lightest part first
Long loose jackets or cardigans with pockets at the waist
Wear pants with embellished pockets on the rear
Wear jeans with whiskering at the hips
Skinny Jeans
Any hem that stops right in the middle of your hips. Either above or below is good, just not right at it.

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Fava beans And Lentils Winter Soup

Hello guys! today I brought you a family very old traditional recipe from the Moroccan cuisine. It's a specialty that village people used to make during cold winter and they called it "Ftat al shitba". And I am going to call it winter soup. 

I am not a good recipe writer especially since I learned to do this soup following my preferable taste and I like to make it thick and spicy. So I tried my best now to make it clear and easy for you to do it the way you like your soups. 

Most traditional family Moroccan recipes they do not give accurate ingredient measurements because they used to measure using the common local kitchen tools such as the big moroccan tea glass. Old village ladies often give a recipe saying you should follow your housewife instinct and experience to balance the taste.  So I hope you guys enjoy the lovely taste and healthy benefits of both fava beans and lentils :-)

Do not forget to check up Fenugreek seeds benefits which will blow your mind. They are a part of this recipe. 


2 dl fava beans / broad beans 
1 dl lentils
1 onion chopped 
2 Large tomatoes chopped in cubes
1 1/2 dl Orzo (or handmade dough balls)
1 tbsp olive oil
1 tsp ginger powder
1 tsp black pepper
1 tsp curcuma

Water + Flour (quantity depends of the preferable soup thickness)

Handmade dough balls
1 cup of warm water
3 or 4 tbsp flour

Optional (Depends of the preferable taste) 
Pinch of saffron
3 or 5 pieces of Fenugreek seeds 
1 tbsp Glee

Parsley for garnish


In a large pan add all ingredients, except the Orzo / dough balls... starting with oil, glee, spice, beans, onions, lentils, tomato..

Add 4 cups of water and make sure the quantity matches the thickness you want the soup to be, start from 4 cups and more..

Cook until the beans and lentils are soft, then start preparing the dough balls.

*To make the dough ball, put 2 or 3 tbsp of flour in a plate and add little bit of water each time by a small spoon while you form small balls with your other hand. Once you got couple of dough balls, approximately the amount of 1 dl at least, add them to the cooking pan right away. 

For soup thickness and color, put 3 dl of warm water in a cup or bowl then add 2 tbsp flour and mix. You can use larger quantity if you want. Once you get the sauce like liquid, add it to the cooking pan and stir for about 5  to 10 minutes. 

Try to pick one of the dough balls and test if its cooked. It should be like a form of homemade pasta or mini gnocchi. If yes, serve the soup and garnish with parsley leaves.  

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DIY Expensive Looking Gifts IV

I know you guys been waiting for 3th post of the Luxury looking DIY gifts. I want to remind you also  of the other luxury DIY projects from the blog archive, you might find something amusing in there. Enjoy! 

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Short Formal Dresses Trend 2017


My Wishlist 2016

This year I choose my wishlist items from the things I had on mind for future purchase. I made two sets of things I am craving for myself and for the home. This Wishlist can also be an inspiration and gift guide for those who are looking for tips. Enjoy!



Links below lead to the products source

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Nly Shoes red sandals
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Richmond Finch tech accessory
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Pläd i pälsimitation 699
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Gaia ring

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DIY Copper (Tiger Eye) Amber Hairstyle

Hello guys! Last week I shared with you my new hair makeover. This week I would like to mention more details about the DIY amber highlights that I have done.

Not only because the tiger eye is 2017 trend , its also perfect to make dark hair get more color shades layers and look gorgeous when you make different hairstyles such as messy bob, or just a daily bun. 

Copper Amber (Use the advantage of dark hair) : Its naturally for dark hair to turn copper (red / orange) when you try to brighten it up either by blonde dye or bleach. This warm copper color looks beautiful during winter season. To make your amber process you have to do it in two steps:

1. Leave the hair roots dark in their natural color. And dye your hair brighter from your eye leave to the bottom. I used light brown color and used the toothbrush to combine both colors and make them blend naturally.

2. Next day I bleached the bottom of my hair and some random hair pieces here and there using toothbrush carefully. And again blending both color levels to get the amber effect. Here are some videos that can help you learn the amber method / balayage to combine the color leaves on your hair. 

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