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New Month A Head Of Us

I can not believe its already October, this year was the fastest year ever. The summer time felt so short and passed in a blink of an eye. 

We had a lot going on, there was always events, trips, "to dos" waiting for us to get done every week. Just when I thought that October will be finally the month to take it easy, we got new plans / schedules to follow. There is Julia`s activities schedule, and on the other hand the trips joining my hubby where he will be working this month. 

I get drift in with Julia and her dads activities / plans that I forget to make time for my own interests. I have a lot of things that has been on hold since the pregnancy and until now I can not make the good quality time to finish them. 

Like I mentioned before I am still planing the DIY project for the bedroom. It needed more tools than I thought so I need to buy / borrow some tools first. I am hopping to be done with it this month and I will share with you the tutorial. 

Main while I am trying to have a technology detox and spend less time online. I will try to schedule some blog posts for the rest of the week and the weekend and use some time to recharge my energy and ideas. 

I choose these photos from our home space that gives a sense of these mellow days I am having :-) enjoy your day! 

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