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Gothenburg From My Camera

This is the reason I have been away the past few days. We had such wonderful time exploring Gothenburg. We went to the Liseberg park where I practiced to use my camera in natural low light, amazing place to spend the whole day playing games and enjoying both food and drinks, also some stores to shop gifts. We dined in Varland restaurant  and  Le Pain Francais the both places that I liked very much.

I would recommend staying in Gothia Towers Hotel, they have a great location and a cool outdoor swimming pool. Visiting the marina is also something to put on the list. The city has lots of artistic things to see all the way when you are exploring it, lots of statues and old buildings. If you ever go there don't forget to drop by the seafood church Feskekörka they got the most delicious sea food collection in Sweden specially the smoked salmon and kalixlöjrom "Caviar of Kalix".

While we were there I accidentally bumped in to the famous swedish hockey player henrik lundqvist. It was weird how I noticed him so quickly :-P . At the end I hope these photos I took show you how Gothenburg is like. Enjoy

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