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Chloe Bags Designer Alternative

Designer Alternative

ChloƩ leather shoulder bag
18 455 SEK - lanecrawford.com

ChloƩ brown purse
7 545 SEK - net-a-porter.com

NLY Accessories shoulder bag purse
420 SEK - nelly.com

NLY Accessories handbags purse
420 SEK - nelly.com

Here is more posts about the Simply Luxurious Lifestyle. You can dress up chic following each fashion trend on a budget by shopping for designer alternatives. There are lots of stores out there to choose from, so I did this product scanning looking for the exact similar design to this expensive Chloe bags. The price difference is huge, but not the appearance. 

I am against shopping fake or replicas. But buying a similar design from another average brand where the product can have both decent quality and outlook, why not! 

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