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Blogging Tips From 11 Years Blog

I have been blogging for 11 years now, on and off and in different categories until only few years I discovered that being a lifestyle blogger is the best category to stick to and to write about my personal experiences, day to day living and things that interest me and can inspire others. 

My life has been changing a lot during those 11 years, and so my lifestyle in each period. First I was just a hobby artist blogging about my works of art, and how to decor homes using art. Then I became a solo female traveler which was both the coolest and the toughest part of my life... then I met my hubby, moved with him to his country and settled down. Now not long ago I became a mother. These stations I passed though gave me some experience in all the fields I write about. My tips for you from what I learned those years blogging:

Target: If you want to be a lifestyle blogger first you have to know what kind of lifestyle are you representing. There are plenty of options to choose from; there is healthy lifestyle, luxury lifestyle, mother lifestyle, traveler lifestyle and the list goes on and on.. This way you will filter your audience and get lots and lots of people who will be looking forward for what you have to say next.

Get personal: Each one of us is unique and that what will make people want to directly choose you among lots of other bloggers that has similar content. Adding a piece of your soul into each thing you write about wether its a personal opinion or experience will make you stand out among the crowd and attack people who are similar to you. (Remember reality tv celebs)

Less is more: When I used to write long posts I spent lots of time and got less readers. From my own experience reading blogs I never read long posts becuase I get bored so easily, so I only look for the important points, the photos and I leave. Horrible I know.. Bloggers spend lots of their time and energy there and its often not appreciated thats why try to make the point clear and the words short, your readers will have time to send you feedback.

Be useful: People want to read about things they learn from. We all go searching for tips, ideas and hacks for certain things. If you are good at something or learned a new thing, think that passing the info would be helpful to others.

Organize: Make a blogging calender and try to stick to it. When you have some free time plan lots of posts and prepare them for auto publishing. This is also a great idea when you know you going to be away on vacation or something. This way you can also inform your readers to follow your vacation news on social media.

Focus on: Improving your Social Media contacts, good attracting photos, writing quality, give to get.

I hope this was helpful, here is more tips I collected on my blogging pin board.

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  1. nice tips, will try to follow... http://goo.gl/uJbkHR

  2. I love that you say it's okay to be a lifestyle blogger! So many people are against the idea because they think it's too "broad", but there's so many awesome lifestyle bloggers I follow & love. Everyone has their own niche within lifestyle and I love that. :)



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