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Sand and Forest

Just as we got back from Prague we packed our picnic bag, grill and all outdoors set to go out and enjoy the rest of the Swedish summer. This summer as been the best by far, maybe because I am on maternity leave and got plenty of time during the days with my hubby who also requested to work less percentage of time this summer. 

My favorite beach is this one, where there is a combination between forest, sand and a little marina on the corner for those who love to sail away from the city. Its calm in here, not so many people and we always find our every year area waiting for us. 

My beach habits are a little different now with the little one. I don't get to read a book and sun tan for hours ... I am trying to get used to the new mommy summer life and enjoy it as it is without comparing with the old days. the priorities has been shifted now and our center of focus is our little princes and what works best for her, not what we really want to do and what makes us happy. We are trying to adapt to the parents lifestyle.

We love the outdoors so much and we are planning to travel around often as soon as the weather allows us.   

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