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14 Tips About (Airplane) Traveling With a Baby

First time we flew with Julia she was only 3 months because we had to go visit her Dady in Finland where his aviation job is based, due to bad flying schedule that prevented him from coming home on his few days off. I was kind of nervous about how things would go, specially that we had to take a long train trip first to the capital before we make it to the airport. I looked for tips over the internet as I usually do and I found this great tips that really helped me. Here

Julia slept the whole way to Finland and back. She cried a little on the boarding time as she got bored but as soon as the plane started to make the take off noise she became so calm and just slept in few seconds. The same thing happened when we traveled a week ago to Prague.. the flying time was two hours with a stop on Copenhagen on the way there, and back home we flew direct with total of two hours flight and 4 hours ride home by car. 

It amazed me how calm and patient she was ( as you see in the photo ). She must of got it from her parents who love traveling :-).. so here are the tips :

1. Dog bags: They are the perfect size for dirty clothes and diapers and whatever else the babe gets dirty! You could use zip lock bags or plastic grocery bags too, just make sure you have some kind of container with you to hold dirty stuff! You can get 270 dog bags on Amazon for 12 bucks (that’s 2 cents a bag)!

2. Nurse on take off and landing unless the babe is asleep, I don’t wake up sleeping babies for anything less than a fire, ha! Pacifier or bottle works too. I’ve heard that the sucking helps their ears with the altitude. True? Who knows? But, nursing always seems to make Max happy!

3. Bring at least 2 extra outfits for the baby: On our first plane trip, Max had an incident before we even boarded the first flight! I was so thankful I threw in 2 extra outfits! Plus the outfits are so tiny it doesn’t take up much space.

4. If you bring breast milk through security, only put 3 oz per bottle: If your bottles are over 3 oz, they have to test each bottle which wastes time at security.

5. Bring one diaper per 2 hours of travel time: Oh heck just bring like 20! I had a diaper shortage on our way home. It’s stressful, y’all. Don’t do it. And dont forget the wipes!

6. Check stroller and car seat at the gate: If at all possible, and especially if you are traveling alone with a baby, don’t bring the stroller and car seat. You can rent a car seat in a rental car! Or ask to borrow one form a friend in the city you are traveling to. But, if you must, you can check these items at the gate.

7. Wear the baby: I’ve done it both ways, and it was so much easier to wear the baby in the airport, especially if you are traveling alone. You don’t have to fold up anything or ask someone to hold baby at security. When wearing the baby back pack through security, they just test your hands for explosives. But, you do not have to take baby or backpack off. Going to the bathroom with a stroller alone is super tricky too. I use this baby backpack. Baby backpack allows you to have your hands free to hold your phone of coffee or whatever. Max loves his backpack, but only looking out, not facing inwards!

8. At check in, ask if there is a seat available with no one sitting next to you: It is greatness if you can get this! And they will happily give it to you if it is available. Whatever you do, avoid the middle seat! It’s super not fun with a baby in your lap.

9. A portable changing pad is a must (we use this one): You can use it in the airport to take baby out of the back pack and lay him on the floor. It’s also perfect for public bathrooms. Here we are stretching out on the airport floor.

10. Freezer packs for breast milk: If at all possible, make sure that your freezer pack is frozen, if it is not frozen it makes it more difficult to get through security. They claim it’s liquid and then have to do test on it. If it is not frozen, consider checking the freezer pack and milk!

11. Wear a nursing tank, skinny pants, a scarf, and slip on shoes: Nursing tanks just make breast feeding that much easier. I did one plane trip with a nursing bra and a button down shirt and it was way more work. Cuter outfit, but way more work! And the skinny jeans or leggings (with stretch) are to ensure a cleaner bathroom trip for you, ha! That way your pant legs don’t drag on the bathroom floor. You’re welcome! The scarf is to cover the boob when breast feeding or use to wrap baby if he is cold. I did a post pre baby about what to wear on an airplane, and this outfit still works great if you switch out the cozy t-shirt for a nursing tank!

12. Fly early or late: The goal is to try and fly when your baby is sleepy. We did an 8pm flight once, and Max slept the whole 4 hours!

13. Bring a pacifier: Even if your baby is not a pacifier baby, they might be on the plane! Maxwell doesn’t take a pacifier often, but he (sometimes) loves it on the airplane and in the car!

14. Call the airline ahead of time: I recently flew with Maxwell on Air Tran (a Southwest partner) and was told I needed a copy of his birth certificate or vaccine record! I had Andy text me a picture of his passport and that worked. But, just call to be safe.

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