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My First Mothers Day

We celebrate mothers day in Sweden on the 29 of May and this year it happened to be my first Mother's Day. The day before we were invited to a "Thank you" dinner party with our friends who got married last summer, thanking us for our help during the wedding. It was my first night out since I got pregnant and my first 24 hours with out my DD since the delivery, because she was being baby sit by her grand parents.

I could consider this fun night out and the break a Mothers day treat itself, having a break from the new born needs for a while. But It wasn't 100% thrilling, I missed her so much since the first few minutes we left her . I felt I would go back, grab her and just go home but I knew I should stop being emotional and just use this day to be a little selfish. And give myself a break and some lone time with my sweetheart like the old days. 

The next day I was rewarded with this lovely cake, breakfast in bed together with this Massage Treat / Spa Time present card at Karma Spa. We spent the day chilling at home because the weather wasn't that great and we were also exhausted from the night out the other day. 

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