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Personal Style: Spring Is Here

Dark Red

Hello blog buddies! I am back finally after the baby delivery and a month of practicing the mom new lifestyle, I will write the details on that story on another Mom article soon..

Time ran so fast the past two months... I can not believe that Spring is already here and the flowers are blooming. This week we took a walk up to the northern mountain near by where we live, a space out of time.. a little farm among the forest, its a perfect place to take a deep breath after all the daily hassle.

With the return of the spring I am glad we are finally back to wearing lighter clothes and I can as well get back to my old favorite outfits since I lost wight. 

Here is a personal style inspiration for spring outfit in a country rustic touch, I was going to ware my brown cowboy boots but I am still finding it difficult to walk on high heels at the moment. Next time maybe :-)  This year since I became a momy, I am interested in shifting my style a little to the country / boho or  50s style .... with floral dresses, wide skirts, cowboyboots and so on ... 


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