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Wedding Guest Outfit: How To Make a Casual Dress Formal

I recently bought a lovely pair of snake print pumps in black and white that look so beautiful and stylish. I am planning to wear them with this casual hot pink dress from H&M in a coming up wedding event which has No / Optional dressing code. 

To turn any casual dress to formal, the secret lays in the accessories and how to dress up the details. For me I am going to style this dress with silver shiny accessories + clutch with these pumps and smoky purple make up. Nude pumps and clutches can also be an option for hot pink dresses.  

I hope you enjoy this inspiration and celebrity outfit finds that show how hot pink casual dress look nice for events.

  1.  Make a casual dress formal by wearing on of these chic style pumps

2.  Chic clutches 

3. Large glamorous cuffs 
4. Statement necklaces 

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